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 Power Connections

Women's Events

I love to empower women! I get so excited every time that I’m asked to speak at a woman’s event because connecting with women and encouraging personal growth is my life’s passion! Over the past 20 years while working with women, I've learned that women are conditioned to take care of the needs of everyone else first before they take care of themselves. This way of living causes stress, anxiety, weight gain and strained broken relationships. I teach women how to live fulfilled lives by doing the opposite so that everyone wins. I teach women how to access the Power they possess so that they live the lives that they truly desire.

Some of the topics that I have empowered women on are; How to access personal Power, The Pursuit of Happiness, Women’s Power in the Boardroom, The ART of Influence, Work/Life Balance: Can Women Have it All, How to Engage an Audience, How to Inspire Action.

Relationship Seminars

PowerStart your Relationship! As a licensed Psychotherapist and Power Starter, I’m trained to help couples regain the spark in their relationship. I teach skills that are research based that have saved relationships, they work! It does not matter what stage the relationship is in, old or new, I teach couples how to deepen their connection to each other. I help couples achieve satisfying, long-lasting relationships by showing them how to communicate effectively, address personal dysfunction and how to enjoy each other. Attendees will learn the skills to create a spiritual connection with their partner, don’t waste time, sign up NOW!

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