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 As a speaker who empowers women and men to push past their fears to live the lives that they desire, I understand the challenges to finding the most appropriate speaker for your event. I am passionate about connecting to your audience and encouraging them to tap into the Power that they possess to break cycles, face challenges, and overcome barriers in their lives. My message is Powerful, regardless if it is to a packed stadium or to a small training.  I speak at conferences, colleges, corporations, churches with the intention to motivate all who are in attendance. I speak with purpose and passion using my Power to ignite the Power of the people in the room.

Empowerment Speaking

Teen Seminars

College Seminars


I help college students prepare for collegiate achievement by educating them on a myriad of important topics that are necessary for their success. During the seminars I keep the students engaged with current up to date material that is entertaining. My goal is to always exchange respect with college students while empowering them to live their best lives. I ignite the Power that they possess with topics such as;

  • Academic success

  • Date Rape

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

  • Mental health (Anxiety, Depression)


Today In our society the rates of suicide attempts, bullying and illegal use of opioid drugs are on the rise. Our teens need help. I am dedicated to helping by educating teens around the world on mental health, the effects of drug use and skills to build self-esteem and empathy. I teach teens at schools, community events, churches on online courses.

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