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 Let's Ignite the Power in YOU!

Breaking Cycles

Overcoming Barriers

Facing Challenges

Mental Health is a Lifestyle!® 

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Join the virtual classes where you will learn specific skills on how to keep your MIND healthy and strong. Your Mental Health controls your romantic relationships, financial status, career, familiar connections and friendships. 


My name is Andrea and I’m so happy that you found me! How you got here is not important, however the fact that you are here is no accident. Our paths were supposed to cross, I believe in Purpose not coincidences. I live my Life with the intention to help you live the life that you desire by breaking dysfunctional cycles, strategizing to overcome barriers and empowering you to face life’s challenges. Allow me to ignite the POWER in you, you are more POWERFUL than you know!

Where in your life do you need more Power?

AWiseBrown has helped me to get out of my own way. After meeting with her consistently for a period of time, I realized that most of the issues I encountered in my life were caused by me and the way I saw the world. WiseBrown has helped me to change my life and now I'm living the life I want to live, I create better experiences for myself. I have kept people in my life who help me be better. I keep WiseBrown on speed dial! LOL!

~Amy Greenburg~

AWiseBrown has so much electrifying positive energy that it’s contagious. I saw her when she was speaking at a women’s conference on work life balance. I have always struggled with trying to manage my life perfectly but learned the secret of managing my lie without guilt. I feel much better now when I have to leave my family for business. If you hear that AWiseBrown is speaking in your area, go to hear her speak, she’s amazing!  


  ~Tracy Wilkins~

I recently attended a POWER STARTER Marriage Seminar with my wife and it literally regenerated the spark that was lost in our marriage. Andrea taught us how to regain trust in our relationship. We are both very appreciative and glad that we attended!


~Marcus Brown~

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